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Laser tube cutting Kovinc

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Laser tube cutting is a modern technological solution for processing tubes and profiles. It allows a rapid and precise making of products with high reproducibility.
Laser tube cutting makes operations such as machine cutting, drilling, milling, broaching, edge deburring and the like just a memory of the past.

Laser tube LT 8 is the most advanced machine of these dimensions available on the market. Its main advantage is the combination of aggregate power and speed. The 3D-technology has a wide range of serviceability as we are able to process both open profiles, flat steel as well as profiles of various shapes. It allows us to process steel and aluminium materials, stainless steel sheet and tubes of diameter up to 220 mm.

The laser cutting technology allows us to perform several processing operations simultaneously. It replaces band saw and drilling machine and provides milling and edge deburring operations. In addition to multi-tasking feature, laser tube is also distinguished by exquisite precision. Shorter manufacturing processes and higher quality products save time and money.

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