Laser tube cutting KOVINC - BLM LaserTube LT8

Save with laser tube cutting

Laser tube processing replaces several classical methods of processing tubes and profiles with a single operation – thus you save TIME and MONEY at the same time.

Laser tube offers infinite possibilities in processing profiles. Proper preparation of your product with laser cutting replaces the following operations:

  • cutting,
  • drilling,
  • broaching,
  • milling,
  • edge deburring
  • + reduced welding time.

Due to the fracture joints and special joining of work pieces our software equipment and 3D technology of laser cutting may significantly shorten the time of preparation for welding of certain elements and welding itself. Product reproducibility is 100%.

Using the technology of laser tube cutting can save up to 70% of manufacture time and up to 50% in costs of processing, compared to classical methods of processing profiles.

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